What gets us out of bed in the morning…

We believe that people should be able to continue living in their own homes for as long as they wish and with the right staff and support this is entirely possible. Our goal is to be able to provide regularity and continuity of professional care services that clients and their families can depend on.

How did it all start?

Hyde Park Care was founded in 2011 following a family’s experience of caring for their Grandfather who had Alzheimer’s with dementia. During the early stages of the disease, family members were able to care for Granddad and still have a similar quality of life. However, as the disease progressed, Granddad became more and more dependent on his family for the most basic functions in life. The family had believed that they would be able to cope, however, they had no idea how hard it would become and how it would impact their own wellbeing. Eventually, professional care assistants were called in to help with personal and continence care to ease the family’s burden and also to preserve Granddad’s dignity.

Unfortunately, the quality of the care provided by care companies and private care assistants appeared to be random and the lack of consistency was having a detrimental effect on Granddad’s wellbeing. To keep Granddad safe the family made the decision to move him into a care home that specialised in dementia care. Sadly, moving Granddad away from his home and familiar surroundings seemed to have an even more detrimental effect on him. Granddad became more confused, restless, agitated and his memory loss worsened significantly. One night, Grandad tried to leave the care home but he lacked the mobility and dexterity to get out of bed on his own. Granddad got tangled in his sheets, fell from the bed and hit his head. Tragically, this led to hospitalisation and largely contributed to Granddad passing on shortly after.


Although, there are some brilliant care homes out there, HPC believes that in many cases people are actually better off staying in their own home. HPC truly believes that home is where the heart is and over the years we have found that most people are happier to remain there.

HPC was created based on the following principles:

Promoting Independence

Promoting our clients’ independence through enabling and encouragement.

Avoiding Hospital Admissions

Avoiding further hospital admissions through identifying early warning signs of health deterioration.

Regularity and Continuity

Ensuring regularity and continuity of our staff and the quality of our services at all times.


Ensuring that staff have the knowledge, skill and support to care for clients changing needs.

Can we care for you?


This will largely depend on where you are based, HPC currently operates in:
Harrow (High Capacity)
Brent (High Capacity)
Ealing (High Capacity)

It will also depend on shift duration as HPC can only offer its minimum shift time (30 mins) in areas of high capacity. Our staff can change borough however the minimum shift time will increase.

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